Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Observing the Relaxing Influence of Art

Looking at art is a very projective process.  Many times we see in the art something of a truth happening inside of us.  If angry, we see the art expressing anger.  If sad, we see sadness in it, and though it could be upsetting to have the emotions moved in so many ways from the observation of one piece of art to the next, many find it overall generally relaxing to spend time now and then just contemplating various works of art.

The medium of art could have an influence on the mood and feel of the perceiver, but it might be fair to say that the medium is only the preference, and the mood and feeling something else entirely.  Not only does art bring out mood and feeling already present in the human being, but it also has an influence that can stir and provoke one’s mood, sending it in a number of directions.  In fact, good art does just this.

Finding works of art that will intentionally move you to a state of relaxation means spending some time going and observing works of art while paying very close attention to how you feel.  If a work moves you to a contemplative and relaxed state, it may be the piece to take home or move to the office to help keep you balanced throughout your day.

Not everyone has a knack for creating beautiful art.  That’s why there are so many of us that are in this world to observe and appreciate the great art created by those who have the unique ability to speak by means of a brush stroke, carving, or other inspired medium of creative expression.  Our world is full of sculptures, paintings, carvings, and a number of other creative representations captured in time and carefully molded into elements that set, provoke, or tease out a mood from within the human being.

Thanks to Carlos for his relaxing artistic image - Another fractals experiment with Gimp