Monday, August 17, 2015

Finding Serenity and Peace in the Mountains

If you are lucky enough to live near one of the great mountains of the world, you may know the serenity of getting away and into the forest where you can smell the pine and feel the touch of moss and wild flowers in the palms your hands.  The mountains are associated with peacefulness, calm streams and waterfalls, as well as silence met only by the sound of wind or wildlife.

Just looking at a mountain from far or near is breath-taking and leads one to stop and pause.  In the autumn, the mountains are splashed with color that is weaved in and out of the greenery, and it's these kinds of awe inspiring views that reminds us that this is an incredible planet, and we are a part of it.  Finding time to get up into a nearby mountain area is well worth  it, and is part of the journey toward a well-balanced life that makes room for restful and relaxing activities.

There is a tremendous amount of spiritual symbolism in the theme of mountains; from the “paths of life” that meander up to their peaks, to the lofty plateaus along the way that take one closer to the idea of “heaven”.   Stories abound of the wise hermits and mysterious sages (some of whom still exist) who dwell in caves and crevices of the mountains and who learn the wisdom of the herbs, animals and elements.  There they are believed to wait for the traveler seeking wisdom, but this is part of the rich symbolism as well, for the stories live mostly inside the minds of many who eventually (with intent and contemplation) find that the guru they are seeking has been living within them all the while.

When you begin to feel that the stress of this increasingly fast-paced world is threatening to make you forget who you are, it might be time to head to the majestic corners of the nearest mountain and spend a few hours (or an entire day) getting back in touch with your spiritual center, where you can quiet the racing mind and find that sage within you again.  While there you can take in the energy of the forest, and if you get a chance, dip your toes in some of that beautifully flowing mountain spring water.  
Thanks to Chris Walker for his great photo -  Sacred Mountains of Nepal 21