Sunday, July 19, 2015

Painting your way to a Stress Free life

Art Therapy is among the many techniques used by psychotherapists and is one of the more creative.  It’s excellent for individuals who express themselves in a more nonverbal form of communication that allows them to tap into their more artistic crafts.

One of the more common types of artistic expression is painting, which is very versatile and holds many options for colorful expression in oil or water.  Through painting, the artist can tap into the depths of the human emotion and disappear into the details of the landscape or object which she or he is putting to canvas.

There can be a lot of rules to painting, but at the same time painting can also be a new way for a mature mind to let go and become a kid again.  Many people find painting to be very relaxing and a way to escape the constricted world of rules and order, and where one can freely create a depiction of reality, or a whole new creation that comes from the depths of one’s soul.

Like gardening or cooking, painting has an aspect to it that allows the creator to apply her or his own personality to the mix.  A creation takes place and gives the artist a sense of control as well as free flowing play.

You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy some playful painting.  Water and oil paint sets for beginners are fairly affordable and many come with starter canvases and perhaps even a beginner’s book to give you the basics.  Outside of that, your only task is to provide yourself with the time and space, as well as a relaxing and undisturbed environment to let the creative juices flow.

Thanks to Dean Hochman for his great photo brushes