Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reducing Stress by Going for a Bike Ride

Getting out and away from paper work and computer, as well as from house work and other responsibilities of home life, can greatly reduce your stress level.  One idea for doing this is to get out for a nice old-fashioned bike ride.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on gear, buy a $2500 bike, or develop power muscles to compete in over-the-terrain competition to consider yourself a bike rider.  In fact, you can pick up a used bike at a local yard sale or thrift store and have it serviced for safety at any local bike shop, and away you can go.

The exercise related to bike riding is no different than all of the other exercise that has been shown to release endorphins and help the body loosen up, increase range of motion, and finally—in the end—to relax.   On top of that, you may find it enjoyable to get out and see your neighborhood, spend time riding with a friend, or just get out from under those artificial lights and get some healthy sunshine.

If your bike has a basket, maybe you can take along a small blanket and a book, and head for the local park where you can enjoy some time under a nice shade tree.  Many neighborhoods now have lovely bike paths that meander through winding greenbelt areas, passing ponds, creeks and picnic areas. 

Your bike ride does not have to leave you feeling like you’ve run a marathon or climbed a mountain.  Take it slow and easy and remember, you’re doing this to relax, not to prove anything or add another stressor to your life.

Thanks to Anne Worner for the great photo Parked Bike