Monday, June 1, 2015

Gardening for your Health: How time in the garden serves as relaxation therapy

What better way to connect with Mother Earth and use one’s creative juices than to organize and design a garden.  Having the opportunity to nurture the growth of plants from seed to harvest can provide a great sense of accomplishment.  It’s also a nice way to relax after a disorganized day at work where perhaps not as many things are in your control.

There are T-Shirts out there that say: “Gardening is Cheaper than Therapy and you get Tomatoes”.   But there is more reward and therapy at hand for those digging in the dirt than just nice vegetables.  It can serve as a form of relaxation therapy as well as a mindful and moving meditation. 

In addition, gardens are not just for producing extra food and gorgeous flowers.  They can also serve as an artist’s canvas where themes of foliage, wood, metal and water reveal pockets of serenity in an otherwise flat landscape.  Many gardens can become a therapeutic place to get away from it all and walk among paths, sculptures, and Koi ponds created by focused and conscientious gardeners.

Those who love gardening don’t usually have to be nudged very hard to head out and enter the gate bordering their special area of carefully looked-after buds.  However, if you are not the gardening type, you can still enjoy the relaxing surroundings created by those who’ve put them together, and many of us do enjoy a nice stroll in these special and relaxing places that reflect the calmest areas of our mind.
Thanks to Martin Stone for the great photo West Green House Garden