Classes and Events

Upcoming Classes 

Drawing Your Feelings
July 15th, Wednesday 1pm to 4pm
Fee $50     
(limit 5) (Pre-registration is required)

Some things can't be expressed through word and intellect, but only through forms of creative expression.  Join this small class for an afternoon of Art Therapy as we will draw, observe, and discuss our feelings through the medium of color pencil and crayon.   

Moving Meditation
July 22nd, Wednesday6pm to 7:30pm
Fee $25      
(limit 6) (Pre-registration is required)

Meditation comes in many forms.  In this class we will make use of some of the relaxing qualities and practical benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi body exercises.  These are Mindfulness practices, which have the added benefit of strengthening the body and increasing flexibility.  Join us for an evening working with these age old moving meditations.

​Stress Management
June 24th, Wednesday1pm to 4pm
Fee $50    
(limit 6) (Pre-registration is required) 

Stress Management skills are varied, so having several of them in your bag of tricks is important when the time comes for coping with Stress.  We will be learning about several of the various coping skills for dealing with tension and anxiety, which you can take with you after class, including Cognitive Behavioral skills, Breathing technique skills, Meditation skills, Relaxation skills, and ways to challenge your internal Worrywart.

The Westminster Colorado Secular Meditation Meetup now listing dates for meditation on  Because of limited space, you will need to visit and RSVP to attend these meditation events.


​*Note:  Class sizes and meditation groups in June 2020 are limited due to our continued practice of safe social distancing.  Participants are required to bring face masks as you will be required to wear them to attend.   If you are experiencing virus symptoms or feel ill, please refrain from attending.

​To register for a class please contact the instructor:Mary M Foster, MA LPC at 303-947-6847,